Journal History

The journey of Visi Pustaka can not be removed from the historical journey of the National Library or the non-ministerial government institution that published it. Before the name of Visi Pustaka, the magazine was originally published as a bulletin. This bulletin is expected to be a means of communication between libraries, as stated in the subtitles, namely: Bulletin network information between libraries.


In the introduction to an editorial in the first release is explained that the Vision Pustaka is metamorphous from Jarindo Bulletin – Information Network, documentation, and library cooperation – published by the Sub Directorate of Library Cooperation, Directorate of Development and library cooperation. The Bulletin of the Information Network, documentation and cooperation or Jarindo ceased to be published following the changes in the organizational structure of National Library.


Based on SK Kaperpusnas No. 3 of 2001 on the Organization and governance of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia, the task and management function of the library is transferred to the Sub-field of library cooperation, the field of library cooperation and automation that are under the Center for Library and Information Services. With the change in the organizational structure, then the field of library cooperation and automation through the Sub-field of library cooperation publishes Visi Pustaka.


Visi Pustaka began its publication in October 1999 with the introduction from editorial, coverage, visits, opinion, topics, articles, cooperation library. In the year of 2000, Visi Pustaka published 3 times a year. The Volume 1 number 2 in March with the number of rubrics reduced to 4 there are introduction from the editorial, focus, articles, tips then volume 2 Number 1 in August with the number of rubrics increased to 5 rubric that is introduction from editorial, focus, visit, opinion, tips ago Volume 2 Number 2 in December with the number of rubrics increased to 6, namely introduction from the editorial, focus, visit, opinion, articles, cooperation. Furthermore, from 2001 until the year 2006 start Volume 3 Number 1 to volume 8 number 2 Visi Pustaka rises every semester or 2 times in a year, in the June and December, while the number of rubrics is reduced from 6 rubrics namely from Editorial, focus, visits, articles, news brief, Tips to the remaining 4 rubric on the Volume 7 number 2 in December introduction from editorial, focus, articles, tips and last in the year 2006 volume 8 Number 1 and 2 remaining 3 rubrics namely introduction from editors, articles, tips.


In its journey, Visi Pustaka changed from the bulletin that functioned as a media network communication library into a semi-scientific magazine in the field of libraries that are expected to fill the information needs of the managing the librarian of network members of the same library can improve their knowledge of various aspects of the library. In connection with the change in its purpose, Visi Pustaka no longer contains news and writings that are reports of activity and only contains writings containing scientific values. The vision of Pustaka from 2007 to the present year is increased from 2 times to 3 times in a year or published in April, August and December with 2 rubrics in the introduction to the editorial and articles. Please note that the published writings do not necessarily represent the editor's thoughts/views or the National Library as the issuing institution. The editorial received various articles from writers, librarians as well as library observers averaging between 15 articles to 20 articles per number.